Sunday, July 21, 2019

WDIRT V3E2: Xtro (1982)

WUH is back from hiatus with a new WDIRT episode on Harry Bromley Davenport's nutso early-80s Alien rip-off that's actually so much more than that. Filled with too many WTF moments to count, and some of the most inspired and gloopy SFX from the era, Xtro would have damaged my brain as a kid. Now that I'm older I can soak in this odd-ball treasure with wild abandon.

And yes, that is an image of the VHS box that my sister brought back for me from Amoeba AF. Below is the cover for Frozen Terror that was mentioned in the episode. Sorry, there is no "Where to watch" link this time, since, well, there's no place currently to watch Xtro.

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