Your Heavy Horror Tale

Did you ever sneak out of your bedroom to watch a spooky movie and later regret it? Did you ever feel like you were the only one to get freaked out during a sleepover horror-thon? Or maybe you had an Irresponsible Uncle who took you to a movie you were way to young to see? If so I want to hear about it and put it on the show!

You can use this easy-to-fill-out Google Doc to submit your story. Include your name, as you want it to be read on the show (i.e. first name and last initial, your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram handle, or Anonymous), your favorite episode of the show (hey, humor me here), and your Spooky Story. Keep it fairly brief, four or five paragraphs at the most, and shorter than that is totally fine. These will be added either to upcoming episodes, or, if multiple entries are received, a separate mini-sode of just your stories.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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