Wednesday, January 23, 2019


WDIRT episodes will be quick takes on movies I passed on as a teen, have seen since, and then wondered: WHY DIDN'T I RENT THIS (or "that", depending on what my brain made me say)? Each one will be up for a limited time, probably until the next one gets made, and then thrown together as one long-ass episode after 5 or 6 have been completed.

The first three episodes of the WDIRT sub-series have been compiled here.
    WDIRT V1E1: The Beast Within (1982)
    Philipe Mora's films are quite varied, but they all share a certain bizarre quality. TBW is no exception. I remember the box art for this one so distinctly but never took the plunge. I wish I had because it's a very unique horror film from one of the busiest years for the genre. Plus, those bladder effects! [Starts at 00:01]

    WDIRT V1E2: Messiah of Evil (1973)
    From the screenwriting power duo who brought you Howard the Duck, it's the 1973 (or is it 1971? or maybe 1974?? or...) oddball Messiah of Evil (or Second Coming? or Revenge of the Screaming Dead? or Return of the Living Dead?? or the sublime Dead People???). Any way you slice it this is one kooky flick. If little 13-year-old Mark had laid his eyeballs on this one he might have grown up to be a weirdo! Oh, wait... [Starts at 12:37]

    WDIRT V1E3: Deranged (1974)
    Ah, Ed Gein, that perpetual paradigm of perversion spawned myriad torrid tales of terror, including, but not limited to, Psycho, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Silence of the Lambs. His horrific happenings may have been presented in their truest and most disturbing form in this wicked number from 1974 helmed by Alan Ormsby, starring Roberts Blossom, and produced in part by Bob Clark. I think this one looked just a bit too on the nose for young Markie back in the '80s. [Starts at 34:25]

      Sunday, January 13, 2019

      S1E6. They're still not sure it is a baby: Eraserhead (1977)

      Well here it is, the season finale of Wake Up Heavy. David Lynch's 1977 seminal masterpiece Eraserhead is not only my favorite horror film it is unequivocally my single favorite film of all time. Lynch has called it, "A dream of dark and troubling things," and there is no more apt description than that. A wholly personal film, Eraserhead is a confusing conundrum of confluences that proves impossible to dissect (pun intended) unless you are David Lynch. The story itself is based on very simple, very human fears, yet those who see it are compelled to analyze the bizarre images and perplexing scenarios in an attempt to alleviate the disquieting unease the film elicits.

      --Special guest this episode is Mike White, host of the only podcast that matters: The Projection Booth. As mentioned in the interview TPB has done episodes on a number of Lynch films: Dune, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (actually two episodes, both on this linked page, and both worth a listen), and Mullholland Dr.

      This is a long one, so pace yourselves. Time stamps included for anyone who loses their place or wants to listen to certain sections only.

      Part I: My history w/ Eraserhead & Lynch (00:01)
      Part II: London & The Scala Cinema--Seeing Eraserhead on the big screen (19:03)
      Part III: Synopsis & movie facts (28:24)
      Part IV: Interview w/ Mike White (35:06)
      Part V: Eraserhead 2000--the re-release on DVD (1:18:26)
      Part VI: The "Weird" stuff (1:26:25)
      Part VII: What influenced Eraserhead (1:32:56)
      Part VIII: The missing scenes (1:39:23)
      Part IX: Soundscape, motifs & favorite things (1:43:02)
      Part X: Cast & crew, theories & wrap-up (2:00:24)

      COMING SOON: Information on what's in store for the next season of WUH, and a new WDIRT or two. Thanks so much for tuning in to the first season of Wake Up Heavy.

      Here is a very in depth and interesting article on The Making of Eraserhead.