Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Big Move

The Big Move has officially happened. Wake Up Heavy is now part of the Weirding Way Media podcast network along with podcast friends The Kulturecast and The Projection Booth. There are many other wonderful shows already attached to the network so please check it out!

If you are having trouble listening to the show via iTunes (which I have experienced myself) it is most likely due to the ads present at the beginning of the show. I would never suggest anyone change their computer's safety protocols just to listen to my silly little show, but I would suggest using another podcast platform. WUH is available nearly everywhere you can listen to podcasts, many of which you can find on the WUH Spreaker homepage, OR via the WUH LinkTree. You can always listen to the show right here on the website.

The WUH Patreon page has also been updated and will feature all future episodes without ads, if that bothers you. On many podcast platforms you can simply skip ahead (most ad breaks are a minute long) but patronage will help pay for the WUH Zoom account, and other annual costs. The Patreon membership is a measly $12/year. 

So far I'm very happy about this change, and really excited to be a part of this cadre of shows. I hope that loyal listeners will stick with the show, and check out some of the other Weirding Way podcasts. Thank you for listening!