Friday, October 13, 2023

WDIRT Volume Five

All of WDIRT Volume Five will be shared in this post. As they happen. Starting with V5E1 on Motel Hell!

"It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's fritters." And you really don't want to know what kind of critters they are! This is a strange film for me to be doing a WDIRT episode on, but hey, I like strange things. Plus, it just kept popping into my head over the last few months and I felt like I needed to watch it and exorcize it out of my brain. That lead me to think it would make a slightly odd episode of the show since I don't particularly care for the film. So grab some smoked meats and give it a listen!

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

C&W Bonus: One Plastic Rock Ball

There's been a major update on my search for the Post Pebbles Plastic Rock Ball Cereal Premium, which previously came up on Episode 06 and 08 of the show. Enjoy this unexpected episode while you wait for C&W to return in October. Thank you zeitgeist!

Friday, August 4, 2023

WUH: The Return of the Living Kid

Cleo is finally back and we've got a hefty round of movie watches and recs. From an undersung Stephen King adaptation to a modern comedy classic to a sun-drenched folk tale we dive into a few faves of the last few months.

C&W Episodes 6, 7, and 8!

Still being bad about posting the C&W episodes!! Won't you have a listen? And remember you can always find them over on our Spreaker page, or your preferred podcast platform. 

Saturday, May 6, 2023

C&W Episodes 4 & 5

Being bad about posting the C&W episodes here is my new thing. Here are episodes four and five, won't you have a listen? And remember you can always find them over on our Spreaker page, or your preferred podcast platform. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

More Cambridge & Wishon

Forgot to post episodes two and three, so here ya go! C&W will come out the first Tuesday of each month, barring any unforeseen obstacles. I will probably post the episodes here, but in case I forget you can always find it over on our Spreaker page, or your preferred podcast platform. 

S7E1. Oh, that's tacky: Murder by Death (1976)

We're knee deep in spoof territory over here at Weirding Way Media so why not keep the trend going? Mike White and Chris Stachiw join me to talk about an old favorite of mine, Murder by Death (1976). Written by Neil Simon and directed by Robert Moore, Murder by Death is a send-up of whodunits with some of our more well-known detectives getting the parody treatment. The film stars James Coco, Peter Falk, Elsa Lanchester, David Niven, Peter Sellers, and Maggie Smith as some suspiciously familiar faces. Eileen Brennan, Truman Capote, Alec Guinness, Richard Narita, Nancy Walker, and Estelle Winwood round out the cast in this murderous farce. Of course we discuss the problematic portrayal of an Asian character by Peter Sellers, so be warned!

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

New Year, Two New Shows!

First up is my new venture with my old friend Ronald Dzerigian. In Cambridge & Wishon we discuss the obsessions from our childhood that have shaped who we are today. In this premiere episode we talk about Star Wars figures, Harry Houdini, Movie Monsters by Ormsby, Joseph Merrick, The Muppets, and the Alien Movie Novel.

Next up is the ten episode limited series on Police Squad! (1982) with my podcast buddies and Weirding Way Media big-wigs Mike White and Chris Stachiw. In the first episode we go back to Airplane! (1980) where the ZAZ team and Leslie Nielsen first worked together.

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