About Donations

WUH is not a money making venture, but it does take $$$ to operate this little diversion. If you stopped by, listened to an episode (or two) and gleaned some entertainment from it, I would greatly appreciate even the smallest of donations. The little PayPal button is just to the right.  --->
Donations will be used for web fees, equipment upgrades, and movie rentals/purchases. Coffee may or may not be purchased with your donation dollars. :) I would rather stay away from ads, but may add a Patreon subscription at some point with exclusive short 'casts for subscribers.
I will also be looking into creating some products that could help support the podcast, mainly small things like enamel pins and stickers*, and possibly tee-shirts down the line.
Thanks for stopping by! --Mark

*Update: Stickers are here! You can buy them in the shop, or get one with any donation amount.

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