Tuesday, May 14, 2019

WUH: More Modern Horror

It's been awhile... Since I did a listy-list episode that is. So here ya go, more modern horror flicks I like which proves I'm not just a nostalgia baby stuck in horror's heyday. Heck, right now might just be horror's heyday, so jump on the bandwagon and check out these frightening films! What's on the list, you so impertinently ask? Listen to the dang episode says me. And then listen to the one below, too.

Thanks to Kim and Ket for letting me use a clip from their show. Check it out here, along with their other episodes. (Baby Burpsmap Rules!)

[EPISODE CORRECTION: Realized that I didn't give the title for the movie that I thought was a remake of Rituals. It's called The Ritual. Makes sense now, yeah?]

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