Thursday, July 25, 2019

WUH: Under the Silver Lake (2018)

On this episode I am joined by Sam Panico to discuss David Robert Mitchell's ambitious (yet messy) sunscorched-Neo-Noir-comedy-thriller Under the Silver Lake. Andrew Garfield plays Sam our hapless protagonist who is pulled into a labyrinthine mystery after a brief encounter with his neighbor Sarah (Riley Keough) and her sudden disappearance. Sam is bombarded by cryptic codes, conspiracy theories, secret societies, subliminal messages, underground zines, backward masking, LA hipsters, and an incoherent parrot as he searches for a truth that may be better left uncovered.

Much like the movie itself this episode dips and dives into many different points of reference which ends up being a whole lot of fun. Since Sam and I discussed a lot of other stuff at the beginning and end of the recording I will be putting that out as a separate bonus episode shortly.

Before the OTHER bonus episode with Sam here's a super short extra-extra-bonus special episode of me reading my initial viewing notes on UTSL. This one's a little spoilery so be careful.

And here is the bonus episode with more discussion from Sam and me. Subjects discussed: Pittsburgh filming locations, Murder, She Wrote, Marc Lawrence, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Italian horror, Exorcist rip-offs, Amityville sequels, Linda Blair, Tom Atkins, Eli Roth (again), Child's Play, Cinema Sins, Claudio Fragasso, and Amicus.

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