Friday, September 27, 2019

WUH: Special Report on Full Circle (1977)

I love a good detective story (just think of all those Murder, She Wrote references on the show) and I love to hear behind the scenes tales about my favorite movies. When I discovered Simon Fitzjohn on Twitter I was immediately intrigued by the work he was doing to track down the rights for the film Full Circle (more commonly known in the States as The Haunting of Julia). After watching one particularly intriguing video on his YouTube channel (which mentioned Prince Charles of all people) I decided to ask Simon if he had done any podcasts so that I could have a listen and get more information on his quest. When he said he hadn't I immediately invited him to appear on Wake Up Heavy. After some months we finally got the chance to sit and have a talk and it was illuminating.


Also check out this episode from February about Mia Farrow and her genre films.

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Alexander said...

This was such a treat to listen to. I recently watched the movie (in the crap-o-version that is available at the moment) and fell in love with it. Since then I've been looking for a proper dvd release but couldn't find it. This interview makes clear why and it's great to know of somebody that's so passionate about it to make it happen some day. Keeping my hopes up!