Monday, May 10, 2021

Guest Spot: More Kulturecast

Chris keeps asking me back, and I keep accepting. These appearances give me an opportunity to branch out and watch some films I wouldn't normally get around to, or talk about on WUH

First up is my discussion with Chris and Mike White about Citizen Kane, a film neither Chris nor I had watched prior. 

Listen to "Citizen Kane" on Spreaker.

Next up is our discussion on Howl's Moving Castle. Here is a sneak peak since this is on The Kulturecast Patreon. To unlock the episode it's only a buck a month subscription, which is a great deal. And who knows, I may be on some more of these Patreon episodes in the future.

Coming soon, Chris will be joining me on WUH to talk about an influential film in his young life: Poltergeist (1982).

Check out my other Kulturecast appearances below, and visit their podcast site here.

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